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Return Policy

Return of new Products.

To make a return of the product, the following must be considered: 

  • The product must have its original packaging, without any alteration or violation.
  • Returns will proceed only during the 7 days after your purchase; except products on consignment.
  • A charge of 20% of the value of the product to be returned will be applied.
  • In returns over $1,000 dollars, the authorization of the Branch Sales Manager is required.
  • Those products that have been requested by the customer as a special purchase will not be accepted for return.
  • If you have any questions about the product, please consult before placing your order on the website, with your Executive or our Technical Support department. 
  • In memories, microprocessors, consumables and software returns are not accepted.
  • Cash refunds are not made, they will be made through a credit note with its corresponding depreciation.
  • The credit note may be applied within the following 60 days after its issuance.

Foreign Shipments of Guarantees.

  • All products derived from a guarantee will travel back to the client at the expense of PCZ.MX, if the client wishes to arrive the next day, they will have to acquire the corresponding guide on their own.

Note:  The times and collection vary depending on the carrier, as well as being a free freight, the risk is borne by the customer.

PCZ.MX  reserves the right to modify these conditions from time to time as it deems appropriate; Likewise, the permanent use of the page will mean your acceptance of any adjustment to such terms. If there are any changes to our privacy notice, we will announce on our home page and other important pages of our site that such changes have been made. If there are any changes to our site regarding the way we use our customers' personally identifiable information, we will notify those affected by the change by email or postal mail. Any changes to our privacy notice will be posted on our page 30 days before such changes occur. Therefore, you are encouraged to re-read this statement on a regular basis.


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